The constant gardeners

Estelle Chaubell

I am 45 and passionate about life and words. After studying the Classics (Khâgne, Master of Arts in Classics), I quickly adapted to business! My fascination with marketing stems predominantly from the magical encounters it provides but I also love it for the challenge and playfulness it offers! After starting out as a consultant for ten years in the consumer press relations industry, I worked for three years at the head of the PR department I had created within a global communication agency… In 2003, keen to experiment with a more humane approach to corporate life, I launched La Vie en Rose!

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Lucie Vidal

After three years spent at Hypokhâgne/Khâgne in Dijon soaring through the high spheres of theory and culture in their myriad dimensions, I set off for Paris and attended the French School for Press Attachés before joining La Vie en Rose in its early stages of inception, almost ten years ago. Delighting in interesting new encounters, enticing discoveries and everyday learning, I have taken part in this human and professional adventure for a decade with my passion intact: never satiated, always challenged, alongside Estelle who is both my associate, friend, master and driving force!

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The rp

Beatrice Saporta

Receptionist, trade fair organizer… I immersed myself in the commercial sector after graduation. Visa in hand, I then headed off to Ozzie land for a year of adventures. It’s on the Internet wave I decided to surf upon my return: an engagement with followed by private sales development for On the side? I enjoy playing cards and on words and partaking in theater improvisation and singing sessions in the shower. Along my unusual path, I gravitated towards La Vie en Rose, where I was offered the opportunity to combine my zeal with their creativity and cheerfulness.

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Mohena Diwouta-Loth

I always knew that communication was my field of choice. After passing my secondary-school leaving exam, I therefore decided to plunge into this vast domain… Further to a degree in Information and Communication Sciences obtained at the University of Paris 8, I opted for a master degree in Advertising and Events at the ISEG Marketing and Communication School. Internship and master degree often go hand in hand: after joining La Vie en Rose for the end of my syllabus, I ended up becoming one of its flowers!

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The production and the creation

Alexandre Bossard

Self-taught and curious, I instinctively gravitated towards the fine arts in 2009 after passing my A-levels specialised in Science. Having acquired a wealth of experience over three years spent in graphic design, drawing and painting, I passed the DNAP (National Superior Diploma of Plastic Art Studies). Further to an inspiring encounter during a graphic design contest, I joined La Vie en Rose and now endeavor to quench my thirst for new challenges via the many brands and projects initiated by the agency.

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The web

Clemence Savidan

Hailing from the countryside, I moved to Paris in 2006 to specialise in Communication further to having studied English for five years. Brought up surrounded by cookbooks, I naturally gravitated towards the food and wine industry! I began my career working in the HARIBO sweets realm and subsequently reached the Holy Grail of Gastronomy working for Alain Ducasse! Two experiences working in the luxury hotel sector ensued but, overtaken by my predilection for delicious and beautiful things, I was drawn to La Vie en Rose and joined its ranks in 2011.

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