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Abuzz with laughter, enticing rumours and lively telephone discussions with journalists, the agency’s open space offers a world of constant excitement! The team works in a collaborative spirit, sharing the information they gather from one department to the other in order to increase their campaigns’ value and expand on their success…

The showrooms

Fashion & Beauty Boudoir

Located at 7 rue Bachelet in Paris, this cosy den alone is replete with all of our clients’ lingerie, shoe, deco, accessory and beauty product collections and is the ideal place for nice and comfy presentations to journalists!

Art of Living Workshop

Equipped with 4 fridges, a freezer and an array of working surfaces and storage compartments, the Art of Living Workshop is exclusively dedicated to stocking agri-food products and organising press deliveries… This Ali Baba’s cavern contains all of the recipes for success of the treasure letters destined to journalists.

The Flat

An inspiring gathering place, La Vie en Rose s Apartment provides four separate areas for its clients:

Kitchen & Lounge Area

This is the heart of the house… Top starred chefs have graced the kitchen to work their magic on the products of the brands highlighted by La Vie en Rose, to the great delight of the journalists! The Lounge Area serves in turn as a reception room, a tasting room, a dancing room, a photo studio… This versatile space of 25 m² is suitable for all events, including fashion presentations and gastronomic discovery days.

Chamber of Curiosities

From New York to London by way of Paris, the members of La Vie en Rose’s team always make the most of their travels to fill their suitcases up with all types of heart winners: collectors, stationery, books, kits and other delicacies thus extend the collection of products developed by the agency in as many subjects of inspiration to enrich the brainstorming and client meetings which are held here!


La Vie en Rose’s secret weapon? Its garden, nestled in the heart of Montmartre’s former maquis! Offering a fluctuating scenery with each season that passes, it represents a major attraction for journalists and bloggers alike who are eager to discover this dazzling location.

9, rue Bachelet
75018 Paris

Lamarck ligne 12

Tel: +33 (0)1 53 09 90 09
Mail: estelle@rose-rp.com