You get what you live! The art of living is not about luxury, it’s about choices made on a daily basis.
As “brand gla’muses” (“gl’amoureuses de marques®), we take delight in unleashing consumer
goods’ seductive powers upon the often jaded trendsetters and opinion leaders.
You get what you give!!! La Vie en Rose believes in the campaigns
it coordinates and is committed to delivering results.


Our agency consultants are passionate about their work and combine intense creativity with a heightened sense of professionalism in a joyfully energetic environment, to the delight of their clients who show their appreciation by coming back year after year …


La Vie en Rose is a Consultancy agency which cultivates outstanding global communication and press relations campaigns. Nestled at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, La Vie en Rose promotes a lifestyle centered around conviviality, open-mindedness, curiosity about the world and a love for team work.